Where to get reclaimed wood?

Old lumber is salvaged from old barns and warehouses. Much of this antique wood came from original stands of old growth forests and, as a result has a unique architectural quality and character. It is prized for its beauty and its dry, stable and dense nature.

Reclaimed wood can be used as it comes from the de-construction site. This means designing with available dimensions and lengths and accepting character marks, bolt and nail holes, and timbers with notches and the seasoning checks that result from being air -dried for many years.

A light brushing can clean up the surfaces while allowing the original character of the aged wood to remain.

Antique wood timbers can also be re-milled with a sawn surfaced appearance to your specifications.
This recycled lumber provides stock for plank barn board flooring, millwork, cabinetry and furniture. Refinishing exposes the rich character as a new life is breathed into the vintage boards. 

Reclaimed wood is truly unrivaled in terms of its beauty, density and appeal. This old wood is used to make our antique tables, and is valuable for its historical significance because it is generally supplied from buildings built around the turn of the last century.

Antique wood comes from old growth forests harvested decades ago. Soon the likes of this dry, aged timber will never be seen again. Recycling it reduces the need to consume any old timber stands.

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